Members of St. Andrews Rd.:

  • Gayle Benton (fall)

  • Dorothy Keown, mother passed away 10/21

  • Alicia Scott 

  • John Dennison

  • Lucy Lindler 

  • Betty Davis (Home)

  • Lory Weed (at daughter's recovering)

Home Bound and/or extended illnesses:

  • Chloe Bailey; Elda Bailey; Gene Cannon; Carolyn Dreher; Bob Ford; Annette Gore; Haskell Yenny

Family and Friends:

  • Family of Carrie Melton, died in car accident 10/29, friend of Carol Herlong

  • Gary Adkins, brother of Trena Tramel

  • Billy Allen, has returned home, still having kidney issues

  • Ashley & Anita Alford, granddaughters of Otelia Alford

  • Stephanie Bartholomew, friend of Macon family (leukemia)

  • Susan Bencsik, friend of Macon family

  • Art Brazell, friend of Moorey family 

  • Robbie Browder, friend of Roger Bailey 

  • Kevin Cannon, brother of Gene Cannon 

  • Barbara Crosby, sister of Dena Creel

  • Drew Estes, son of Andy & Jenny (Oliver) Estes 

  • Cindy & Tom Garman, friends of Nathan Moorey (high risk pregnancy)

  • Roy Gossett, father of Teresa Pardue

  • James Johnson, father of Dinita Johnson

  • Symanda Johnson, daughter of Sharron Scott

  • Mike Kennedy

  • Delano Knight, friend of Macon family

  • David Lowdermilk, friend of Alan & Lisa Larmon

  • Isharah Macon, sister-in-law of Daryl & Harriett Macon

  • Louise Merriman

  • Carl Miller, grandfather of Bryson & Blakley Miller (cancer)

  • Waylon Phillips, brother-in-law of Linda Butler

  • Brenda Pyle, sister-in-law of Dave & Sherry Pyle (cancer treatments)

  • Sidney Ragland, father of Sharon Cotton (heart complications)

  • Paxton Rank, friends of Mooreys & members of Holiday Park COC in PA (22 month old, diagnosed with bladder cancer)

  • Gloria Thompson, aunt of Tina Washington

  • Janay Washington, daughter of Tina Washington 

  • Steve Watts, friends of Satterfields & members at Peachtree COC in GA (cancer)

  • Paige Wright, father of Chris Cotton (health issues)


  • Shanae Cotton

  • Hannibal Davis