All victims of Hurricane Harvey and those in the path of Hurricane Irma.

Members of St. Andrews Rd.:

  • Congratulations to Todd & Debbie Newman on the birth of their first grandchild, Elijah Adam Yates. Elijah was born to September 12 in Ft. Myers, FL weighing 8lbs 9oz, and 19 inches long. All are doing well.

  • John Dennison, heart by-pass went well (Please no visitors at the hospital or when he returns home for now.)

  • Lucy Lindler (home recovering)

  • Matthew Macon

  • Sherry Pyle

  • Nancy Bostick

  • Betty Davis (Home, new cancer diagnosis)

  • Lory Weed (Home)

Home Bound and/or extended illnesses:

  • Chloe Bailey; Elda Bailey; Gene Cannon; Carolyn Dreher; Bob Ford; Annette Gore; and Haskell Yenny

Family and Friends:

  • Gary Adkins, brother of Trena Tramel

  • Billy Allen, has returned home, still having kidney issues

  • Ashley & Anita Alford, granddaughters of Otelia Alford

  • Frank Aversa, friend of Harriett Macon (cancer)

  • Stephanie Bartholomew, friend of Macon family (leukemia)

  • Susan Bencsik, friend of Macon family

  • Art Brazell, friend of Moorey family 

  • Robbie Browder, friend of Roger Bailey 

  • Kevin Cannon, brother of Gene Cannon 

  • Barbara Crosby, sister of Dena Creel

  • Kelly Dennison, daughter-in-law to Dennisons (bed rest-pregnancy)

  • Drew Estes, son of Andy & Jenny (Oliver) Estes 

  • Michael Gardner, nephew of Eliza McDaniel (ICU in Charlotte) 

  • Cindy & Tom Garman, friends of Nathan Moorey (high risk pregnancy)

  • Roy Gossett, father of Teresa Pardue

  • James Johnson, father of Dinita Johnson

  • Symanda Johnson, daughter of Sharron Scott

  • Mike Kennedy

  • Delano Knight, friend of Macon family

  • Isharah Macon, sister-in-law of Daryl & Harriett Macon

  • Louise Merriman

  • Carl Miller, grandfather of Bryson & Blakley Miller (cancer)

  • Waylon Phillips, brother-in-law of Linda Butler

  • Brenda Pyle, sister-in-law of Dave & Sherry Pyle (cancer treatments)

  • Sidney Ragland, father of Sharon Cotton (heart complications)

  • Paxton Rank, friends of Mooreys & members of Holiday Park COC in PA (22 month old, diagnosed with bladder cancer)

  • Dorothy Smith, mother of Dorothy Keown

  • Gloria Thompson, aunt of Tina Washington

  • Janay Washington, daughter of Tina Washington 

  • Steve Watts, friends of Satterfields & members at Peachtree COC in GA (cancer)

  • Paige Wright, father of Chris Cotton (health issues)


  • Shanae Cotton

  • Hannibal Davis